Texas Style BBQ Rub


Add Texas Style BBQ Rub to a variety of meats before grilling, roasting or smoking, but it’s a real hero on briskets! Loaded with flavour, a perfect balance of salt, pepper, garlic, paprika and classic Texan heat will make the briskets so good they’ll be gone before they reach the dinner table!

Hickory wood chips are great to use when smoking beef and pork – low and slow!

Drizzle meat lightly with oil then coat the surface evenly with a liberal covering of rub for any size cut of meat. Do this at least several hours before and refrigerate. 

Before grilling, let the meat sit at room temperature for 30-40 mins. Re-apply another coat of rub if desired before grilling. Cooking times may vary based on grilling temperature and cut/thickness of the meat.